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Latest Deepsky Software Patch
Download the latest patch and unzip the contents into the root of your Deepsky folder under Program Files. This patch is for the latest version (2014) of Deepsky Astronomy Software. If this patch doesn't work for you, then you have an older out of date version. Please order the $14.99 program only version to get you up to date or the full download version if you want all of the images and don't currently have them.
File Size: 4 Megabytes     Date: January 16, 2016
Deepsky User's Manual
View the user's manual in PDF format.
File Size: 4 Megabytes     Date: December 22, 2013
Current ASCOM downloads

Download the latest ASCOM telescope drivers here.
Original Ascom 4.1 Telescope Control

Use this version if you have trouble with the latest ASCOM drivers

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