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All features from the DVD version are now also included in the $29.99 download version. The $29.99 download version includes 4 separate downloads totalling 10 gigabytes. For individuals with a slow internet connection, please order the smaller (300 MB) download version (without images) for $14.99.

We also offer a 4 set DVD version (same as the $29.99 download version) for people who cannot download the 10 gigabytes worth of files. This is available for $69.99 and comes on 4 DVD's (includes free shipping).

- Fully integrates with Cartes du Ciel 3.4.1 and newer
- 750,000 deep sky objects / 410,000 images
- 10,500 deep sky objects / 11,000 images (AstroCards Version)
- What's Up Wizard
- Star charts to magnitude 17.5
- Observer’s logbook
- Query Gallery locates objects FAST!
- Internet time sync
- Ascom telescope support
- Solar system information
       Sun, Moon, and Planets
       Currently visible Comets
       Currently visible Asteroids
       Meteor Shower Info 
- Image processing with Deepsky Imaging integration
- Fast database search capabilities
- Extensive database filtering and sorting
- Over 100 Pre-built observing plans included
- Database and logbook reporting
- Telescope slide show feature
- Database spreadsheet view
- Link to digital sky survey
- SQL EZ query tool for advanced queries
- Nightvision mode
- Astro bookmarks - 500 exceptional links to other astro sites


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