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I thought I could control this passion if I read more on astronomy and so I took a different course and started reading biographies. From Isaac Newton to Nicolas Copernicus to Galileo, I have tried to feed my love for the skies by reading the life stories of this great men and women. But the more I opened pages the more I found I wanted to know more – and more I read, libraries I visited, journals, the internet and wherever until I came to the end of the road.


Fast Radio Bursts Are Becoming More Frequent

The remarkable achievement by scientists at JPL on coming up with a mechanical machine that could explore Venus has seen most us beginning to celebrate. But even before the celebrations kick off, we are reminded of the many unanswered questions surrounding Fast Radio Bursts (FRB).


The Amazing Space Discoveries Of 2016

There are many developments happening in space science nowadays. We have seen several landmark discoveries, like the spotting of FRB 150418 and FRB 170107 owing to the ASKAB technology. But probably 2016 can boast as having bountiful discoveries that deserve a mention.


NASA Planning A Mechanical Machine To Navigate Venus

In the earlier days of the Soviet era, Vega and Venera programs had made successful landings on Venus though they could not do much after that. It was difficult for those probes that made it to Venus to complete their missions owing to its harsh environment and they only survived there...


Online Stores For Purchasing Astronomy Equipment

You have a wide market to source from when that time for purchasing astronomical equipment comes, thanks to the internet. You can check on the reputation of the online store and also seek proper advice from the experts so that you are not duped, including possible ways to avoid hefty customs charges.

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That Sitcom Show

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